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I think the results of a person is a lagging measure of how they spend their time

My current lens for thinking about time is trying to maximise total productive output. This means I think about rest as a means to be more productive later or hanging out with friends as a means to get motivations or new perspectives.


5:00Wakeup with sunrise lamp
~5:30 - ~6:30Gym
~6:30 - 7:40Prep for school
7:40 - 8:35Commute to school + wait for it to start
8:35 - 15:45School
15:45 - 16:45Commute home
16:45 - 19:45Unordered: (dinner, work, chill, walk dog)
19:45Read + Bed


I get off school early on Wednesdays. Everything else remains the same.

8:35 - 13:05School
13:05 - 14:10Commute home
14:10 - 19:45Unordered: (dinner, work, chill, walk dog)
19:45Read + Bed


  • I do a good deal of shallow work at school.
  • I have Maths, Applied Maths, and Irish as basically free periods.
  • I have 1hr of break including lunch during school.


~7:00 - ~8:00Prep
~8:00 - 9:00Commute to DPL
9:00 - ~(15 - 17):00Work
~(15 - 17):00 - ~(16 - 18):00Commute home
~(16 - 18):00 - 19:45Unordered: (dinner, chill, walk dog)
19:45Read + Bed


  • DPL only opens at 9:00. I would grind earlier.
  • Gym opens late on weekends. I would grind earlier.
  • Sometime I stay up later watching something with my family


  • Pretty variable
  • I try to recover and prepare my body / mind for the week ahead.
  • I try to go for a long multi-hour and listen to podcasts or audiobooks at 3x speed.
    • Once walked 30.69 km (actual number) from Malahide to Dun Laoghaire.

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