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This doesn’t cover a lot of the little things. I am trying to focus on the key acceleration changes and the context I live in.

Early life

Born in Montgomery country Maryland in 2005 and raised in a single family house in suburbia. My dad was an Economics professor at CUA and my Mom ran her own healthcare analysis business. My Dad taught me maths from a young age and I got good at it.

In my early “education” I had trouble reading but was great at maths being multiple years ahead of everyone else. In 3rd grade I was diagnosed with Dyslexia and it all made sense. In 4th grade I went to the Siena school, a school specifically for dyslexic kids.

I was there until 8th grade and it was great for me. I started to excel in school and was allowed to do maths 3 years ahead. However since it was a small school I didn’t have any intellectual competition and I stagnated.


My grandmother left Ireland at 19 to come to America to start a life. Fortunately that gives me the claim to Irish citizenship. After 8th grade I moved to Ireland with my Mom and Dad.

I didn’t find moving emotionally difficult at all. I found the two countries very similar and my day-to-day life didn’t change much.

I joined 2nd year and continued to be ahead in maths but still stagnated.

Exponential Growth

In 4th year things changed. I entered a project in the BT Young Scientist competition (Ireland’s nation science competition) with my two best friends Will and Vedh creating a new design for crutches. We won 1st place for our category, technology intermediate.

We were invited to the BT Young Scientist Business bootcamp and got an email about a summer youth accelerator program called Patch. We applied and were somehow accepted.


This program would completely change the trajectory of my life. Over the February midterm break I started reading self improvement books and started watching Y Combinator videos. I was hooked on entrepreneurship.

At Patch I learned to work hard and fell in love with it.


After the summer doing Patch in September 2022 I started going to the gym at 5:30 every weekday morning and have remained pretty consistent. This has been a big part of my life.


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