Building a Museum of Me

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What is a Museum of Me?

I want to be able to be downloadable from this site. To me that means that someone can visit it, read some things, and get a good idea of who I am really.

I find with people who don’t actively produce content online you don’t really know who they are from their online presence.


  • Inbound opportunities (jobs, friends, etc)
  • Clearer thinking
  • Saved memories to look back on


One day I hope to create a documentary and or book about me. I want to be able to share the lesson’s I’ve learned with others and show them a possible way of life. I have learned so much from the people who came before me and I want to help the next wave of people after me.

What I’m doing?

Building this site

I am trying to make it the single door into the house that is my life with many other rooms branching off.


Since 2021-08-31 I have kept a daily journal only missing a couple days. It contains the general events of the day and my feelings. I plan on keeping this up for the rest of my life


You may think your “normal” is not worth saving but as your normal changes remembering the previous normals is more revealing than the highlight reel.

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